2017-09-07-photo-00000263.jpgSURF.up is an online blog that connects surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers from all over the world. The mission of SURF.up is to create a sharing of information about surf destinations in order to make surf travel more enjoyable.

SURF.up was created and designed by two young surfers, for surfers; and it was created out of the desire to make surf travel less complicated, more enjoyable and to connect like-minded people in the surfing community. All of us at SURF.up have wondered around the globe, looking for the opportunity to surf foreign, unridden breaks and spots in perfect weather conditions.

Why we created SURF.up

Whether you are on a business trip and realise that there is a good swell coming, or on surf trip with your closest friends, SURF.up gives its followers plenty of options in order to make sure that you don’t let a good swell pass you by. Moreover, this blog has been created for every kind of surfer from beginners to professionals form kite to wind.

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