Watergate Bay (Cornwall), United Kingdom

Discipline: Surf

Surf Difficulty: All levels depending on the swell.

Long stretch of fun beachbreaks makes this spot one of the best surf destination in the UK. The three-mile exposed sandy beach faces W and picks up any SW to NW swell and Résultat de recherche d'images pour "watergate bay surf description"NE to S are offshore. Unlike many other beaches in Cornwall, Watergate Bay is a surf spot that works on most tides, and knowing how this affects the waves at the Bay is a bonus. Generally speaking, you’ll find the best waves at mid to high tide – and there’s not that many places on the north coast that work at high. Then again, visit at low and you’ll find two-miles of space to play with and hopefully a peak to yourself – just take care during big swells. Don’t bother going there if the swell’s big (over 6ft) as it just closes out.Watergate is cauterised also by a mellow vibe although can get very crowded when it’s on.

Watergate Bay is suitable for all ability ranges. However, only if the waves aren’t too big.

Moreover, is one of the best equipped beaches in Britain: surf shop, surf school, bistro, bar and hotel. Ample parking above the beach.

With high performance wetsuits, accessories like boots, gloves and hoods, storage lockers, surf hire, lessons and general advice on where to surf, the Extreme Academy has everything you could need to surf right on slipway to the beach. Oh, and there’s warm showers. Then when you’re warm and ready to refuel, you’ll find plenty of places to eat and drink whatever your like.
To find out the wave forecast for the next days click here.
Swell consistency:Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 16.21.19

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